Sultan is alive #Madhubala Monday, 29th July, 2013
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Madhu is scared as someone has been following her. She then realises its Sultan and is shocked. She asks him about how is he alive. Sultan tells her about the plan of him faking his death. He reveals how he involved Insp. Sharma and others and executed the plan. Madhu is scandalized and can't believe that all this was done on purpose.

Sultan tells her that only he can save RK. While Madhu is contemplating on hsi words, Sultan vanishes. She immediately rushes to jail to meet RK and tells him the entire incident of Sultan being alive and meeting her. Joshi and RK are shocked but don't believe her and Joshi tells her that they need to prove it which is not possible. sultan calls Madhu and calls her to fisherman colony to meet him. Madhu decides to expose him in front of the world.


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