Sultan hurts RK #Madhubala Thursday, 1st August, 2013
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Madhu is terrified with the thought that Sultan will harm RK. At the same time RK in jail refuses to have lunch but then Joshi reminds him that it is necessary for him to keep a good image within the others which will help him to get bail easily.. He reaches the lunch area where the other inmates are surprised to see him. Few of them tease him and amongst the inmates a group of people are seen conspiring something. They keep provoking RK and eventually he loses it and hits one of them ensuing a fight. RK tries defending himself but there are six of them him and one of them comes ahead and cuts his arm and stomach with a edge of a steel blade.        


Madhu gets a call and is shocked to know about RK's condition. She rushes  immediately and Bittooji follows her. They reach police station and see RK in critical condition lying on a stretcher. They take him to the hospital immediately and after a while doctor tells him he is out of danger. All breathe a sigh of relief. Sultan calls up Madhu and tells her that he stuck to his promise. Madhu yells at him for harming RK but is really worried thinking that he can do anything.

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