Sultan gives an ultimatum to Madhu #Madhubala Friday, 2nd Aug, 2013
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Madhu is shattered to see RK in this state. She tells everyone that Sultan just called her up and he is the one who is responsible for all this. No one is ready to accept or believe whatever she is saying. Everyone asks her to calm down and believe the fact that Sultan is dead.

To prove herself right she gives that number to Joshi from which Sultan had called … Joshi finds out that it belongs to some random person.

RK is now in his conscious state.. Madhu feels relieved but is taken aback when even RK denies from believing that sultan is alive.

Everyone left for home except Madhu and RK is given sedatives to rest. Madhu is sitting next to him when Sultan comes disguised as a doctor and hands over the divorce papers to her. He gives her an ultimatum of 24 hrs or else RK would be dead… She is scared and doesn't know what to do.

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