Sultan confesses his feelings to Madhu #Madhubala 13th July, 2013
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Sultan confesses in front of Madhu and she is shocked to know his real feelings as she always considered him as a good friend. Eventually Madhu witnesses the other side of Sultan from the way he was talking to her. She tells him that you claim to be a saint but you are no less than a demon. Sultan gets angry but somewhere he is hurt because he loves Madhu. Madhu says she was, is and will always be with RK. Sultan fumes in anger and Madhu sees hatred for RK in his eyes. Madhu warns Sultan to stay away and if he messes with RK he will first have to deal with her. 

At RK mansion, everyone is worried as they can’t find RK anywhere. Madhu gets to know and she gets extremely tensed. She immediately leaves with Bittooji to find RK. They look for him at all possible places and finally reach the studio. They check the entire studio but they can’t find RK. And then finally they see him drinking at one corner of the studio. Madhu and Bittooji take a sigh of relief and speak to him. He is drunk and Madhu feels bad looking at him. He is shattered and still not out of the trauma.

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