Sultan and Meera leave RK mansion #Madhubala 3rd July, 2013
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The episode begins with Madhu noticing the bangle on Meera’s wrist. She remembers Radha giving her a similar bangle and saying that there’s only one of it. Sultan informs her that they’re leaving from their house and to let RK know the same.

RK interrupts their conversation and taunts Sultan for using his father’s name and both end up having an argument. Sultan takes Meera and leaves from RK mansion. All this while, Madhu keeps thinking about the bangle.

RK tells Madhu about his outdoor shoot and asks her to accompany him. She rejects the offer and says she needs to be with Radha and goes to meet her in the kitchen. She advises Radha that there is a way to get out of Meera-Sultan situation and shares her plan.

Madhu goes to Sultan’s house and he comments that her eyes say she knows the truth. Episode ends when Radha enters Sultan’s house.


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