Strength Is Problem, Not A Solution! Synopsis, Episode 44
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Sometimes even the expected turns out to be the most unexpected. Elaborating this thought to its fullest, the contestants woke up to a new day in the house with full zest as it was the day of the luxury budget task.

While the housemates cope with the aftermath of Karishma’s shocking behaviour against Gautam during the ‘Yes or No’ task, Bigg Boss announces the launch of the luxury budget task ‘Unchi Hai Building’. Housemates are divided into two groups. Team A includes, Sonali, Pritam, Gautam, Puneet, Sushant and Team B includes, Aarya, Karishma, Ali, Diandra, and Praneet. The task requires one team at a time to build a tower out of the given wooden blocks. While the team constructs the tower as wide as the wooden base given to them stacking up the blocks one by one upon each other, simultaneously one member from the same team will have to constantly rotate a big metallic wheel beside the construction site. The opposite team needs to distract them from accomplishing the task.

Team A is the first team to start. As soon the task starts Aarya from team B goes and holds the wheel to stop Puneet from moving the wheel. Puneet gets very upset and charges towards Aarya while taking him down on the ground using his physical strength.  The task is stopped mid-way as instructed by Bigg Boss due to this incident. Shocked and hurt Aarya started shouting at Puneet asking him, how he could use his physical strength while performing the task.

In the night, Bigg Boss gathers all the housemates in the living area and states what Puneet has done with Aarya is intolerable. Puneet gets disqualified from the house and is asked to pack his bag and leave immediately.

To know what will follow this decision from Bigg Boss, tune into tonight’s episode of Bigg Boss 8.

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