SSK masking in its glory
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It has been revealed that a mysterious woman has entered the wedding venue in place of Soniya at the Bhardwaj house on Sasural Simar Ka. None of the family members have any clue about what happened. The mysterious woman comfortably manages to get into the mandap. She has hid her face in a long ghoonghat. The wedding ceremonies are happening at their pace.
On the other hand Soniya is kidnapped and is under the custody of the driver. He ties her to a chair and leaves the room. Soniya manages to make a phone call to inform the Bhardwaj family that it is not her and some other woman in the Dhulhan get up. But the suspense crashes when the woman takes the ghoongat off to show her face. This woman is also Soniya! 

It is only after the wedding is complete the viewers get to know that it is Khushi under the mask of Soniya who is married to Sankalp. It is surprising that actually a mask was prepared by experts to give Khushi the exact face of Soniya. 

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Experts were called to prepare the mask of Soniya to be worn by Khushi on the show. But it wasn’t a task as easy as it looked. “A mixture was prepared with content and water to make the mould. It was then applied to my face. I had to sit still like a statue for half and hour and was not allowed to raise even an eyebrow,” Shalini Sahuta who plays Soniya tells you.

The procedure was done twice to prepare a close-to-perfect mask. “It was like a thick peel off layer and I was very excited when I got to know such a thing is going to be done for the show,” Sahuta adds.


But there were difficulties too. “First time when the mask was peeled off, it was done comfortably. But when it was done the second time, my nose got rashes and it turned purple. Actually, the gum that was used to stick the mask cannot be removed by water or oil. It was removed by a specific clone,” Sahuta explains.


But she also admits that it was a memorable experience. “I am lucky that I am getting to do so many shades in one character. Soniya is a good girl but now the Soniya with the mask is getting to play pretentious Khushi. I am getting to explore many shades and as an actor, that’s what you want to do,” she concludes with a smile.

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