Spoiler: The battle between good and evil continues on Sasural Simar Ka
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From the family drama to the love saga and now the super natural, Sasural Simar Ka has been through it all. Only a couple weeks ago, Simar was seen saving Mataji from the clutches of the evil spirit. And now that Sugandha's real face is out in open, the women in the Bharadwaj house have taken an oath to fight against her and all the other evil forces that have come to trouble the family.

Everyone was shocked to hear the real reason behind the evil spirits haunting the Bharadwaj family. Simar who brought back the chandramani from patal lok has immense powers, on which Sugandha wants to lay her hands on. Simar on finding out the truth doesn't consider returning it and plans to break the chandramani so that it does not fall into the wrong hands. She breaks the chandramani into three pieces with the help of guruma and gives it to three members of her family. The very prospect of saving her family makes Simar challenge the evil spirits to find the chandramani.

Malti and Madhvi accept Simar’s challenge and begin to trouble the family members one by one in order to find the ‘chandramani’. Their first target is Prem who is seen getting strangled with his own tie and is rescued by Simar. After persistent efforts to find the chandramani, the evil spirits decide to leave the Bhardawaj family in peace. As soon as the spirits leave, Simar shows the 'chandramani' to everyone, and just then Malti and Madhvi enter the house. They threaten Simar to hand over the stone or they would hurt everyone.

Will Simar handover the chandramani?

To find out watch Sasural Simar ka

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