Spoiler: Mohit’s performance compels Shahid to give him a hug!
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Have you felt for someone elses loss ever? Well, if you haven't yet, we bet Mohit's act this week will leave you in shambles. 
After last week's glitchy performance, Mohit got on to the Jhalak stage without any fear of elimination because he had a bigger story to narrate. Unfortunately, his choreo partner Marischa got injured while rehearsing for the act, but ensured that another talented dancer, Bhavna plays her part. Mohit and Bhavna brought Marischa's emotions alive on Jhalak as the two gave it all out and performed as if this was their last chance to redeem the lost chance. And so was the act! 


Mohit enacted the story of a loss and it jolted everyone present today. And as he promised us all last week, he did come back with full power. Shahid couldn't resist himself and went running on stage to give him atight hug. He couldn't hold himself back either and went on praising his act. Shahid mentioned , “You have given a proud performance and what and outstanding choreography Marischa. It was a magical performance and you guys deserve to be in the show till the end.” 


Ganesh said, “it needed one jhatka for you guys to come back to the forfront. there was so much pain in the performance.” Lauren called it the best performance of the season while Mallaika looked absolutely emotoinal and mesmerized! 

Well, did he wn the immunity ball or was it his last performance on Jhalak? You will get to know only on Jhalak this week. Don't forget to tune at 9 pm. 

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