Spoiler: Kumudini maligns Gayatri in public; Aradhya to Aryan’s rescue
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Kumudini’s animosity with Pradyumn dates back to more than 20 years; a grudge so deep rooted that has pushed Kumudini into coming back to her home town Krishnavati in order to settle score with Pradyumn. The very prospect of winning back her lost pride has turned Kumudini so blind that she is ready to stoop to any level for it.

Only a couple of weeks ago, Devesh was seen taking the blame for the Krishna murti that was found in Pradyumn’s room after which he was offered work by Pradyumn and a place to stay in his outhouse. Devesh who has been working closely with Kumudini will be seen spinning another story this week, and this time the one to get enveloped by his treachery would be none other than Aryan’s sister Gayatri.

Gayatri on receiving a secret message from her admirer decides to pay him a visit along with Devesh. Unaware of Devesh’s true motives, Gayatri goes to the barn hoping to finally see the face of her admirer, but instead is sedated by Devesh unknowingly.

Kumidini who is willing to go to the extent of maligning Gayatri’s image calls Pradyumn to the barn and openly makes a false predicament about Devesh and Gayatri on how they have shared an intimate night together. Kumudini who is the one to have locked Devesh and Gayatri inside the barn purposely pokes jibes at Pradyumn. Gayatri on hearing the false accusations breaks down in tears, and Pradyumn who is disgusted by the very sight and thought of Gayatri spending the night with Devesh, smears mud all over Gayatri’s face. In an attempt to cover up for his mistake, Devesh makes a public announcement that he was willing to marry Gayatri.

While this entire ruckus is going on in the barn, Aradhya and Aryan are seen locked inside a freezer in a factory by Shivani’s father’s goons, who mistakenly kidnaps the two thinking that they are the runaway couple Shivani and Varun. At first Aradhya tries to shake Aryan awake but when his health further deteriorates, Aradhya hugs him to keep him warm with her body heat.

With Aryan’s health falling drastically, will the two be saved by their families before it’s too late? Will their relationship take another turn for the better or for worse? Will Pradyumn fall for Kumudini’s trap and get Gayatri married to Devesh? How will this new revelation about Gayatri and Devesh affect Aradhya and Aryan’s equation and will they find out about Kumudini’s involvement in shaming Gayatri in public?

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