Spoiler: Bani and Kuljeet pose Neha as Tanu; Rishi and Neha to get engaged
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After Tanu and Ahana’s parents are killed in a terrorist attack in KD College, Bani and Kuljeet decide to go back to Tanu’s house in Patiala in order to get the remaining share of the property.

Bani and Kuljeet on finding out about Rishi and Tanu’s marriage decide to pose their daughter Neha as Tanu in order to get her married to him. Kuljeet and Bani carry some of Tanu’s clothes back to Mumbai and ask Neha to dress in Tanu’s garb and act like her to impress Rishi’s parents. Neha who is already in another relationship disagrees at first but after finding out about Rishi’s wealth, agrees to go through with the plan. Tired of waiting for their chacha-chachi at the station, Tanu and Ahana board a train to Mumbai to meet them. While Neha and Rishi’s roka in underway, Tanu and Ahana land in their chacha-chachi’s house and are introduced to Rishi’s family as their distant relatives. The two are made to stay in a dirty store room by Bani and Kuljeet, who all the while pretend to care for their well being.

When Tanu realizes that Rishi is the same guy that her father had chosen for her, she decides to confront her chachi who tells her off by saying that Rano (Rishi’s mother) doesn’t like them and they had come to India for Neha and not her. Tanu on hearing this breaks down.

Not long after Tanu over hears Manpreet talking to Nishi on how Rishi always get the girls he likes. Despite finding out about Rishi’s nature, Tanu is still sad about hearing Rishi’s engagement to Neha. Tanu decides that she should tell the truth about Rishi to Neha; after all she was her cousin.

Will Kuljeet and Bani succeed in getting Neha engaged to Rishi? Will Rishi find out that he is getting engaged to the wrong girl? Will the misunderstanding between and Tanu be cleared out or will Tanu continue to think ill about Rishi?

To find out, tune into to Kasam, Mon-Fri, 10PM.

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