Spoiler: Aradhya to stop Devesh and Gayatri’s wedding?
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Pradyumn has agreed on getting Gayatri married to Devesh after they were found alone in the barn last week. Kumudini who has been trying to humiliate Pradyumn for the treatment meted out to her family has finally found a way to get back at him even though if it means of getting even through his family.

Just when things started to look bright for Aryan and Aradhya, Kumudini makes a huge hue and cry about Gayatri spending the night with Devesh which gets Aryan miffed and he goes to confront Kumudini and warns her about the serious repercussions that she is deemed to face.

Aradhya on seeing Aryan outside her house starts to follow him and tries to explain to him on how she too intends to get to the bottom of the incident. Aryan finally agrees to help Aradhya because he too wants to clear his sister’s name.

Aradhya over hears Damini having a conversation with the guy that Gayatri is supposed to get married to, but before she can see his face, he leaves. When she tries getting Damini to give her his name, Damini leaves for the hospital as  her mother suddenly falls seriously ill. The only clue that Aradhya has in her hands now for the identification of the 'mystery' man is the musical lighter that she has seen in his hands. When Aradhya reaches home, she sees the same lighter in Kumudini’s hands and when she hears the same tune, she connects the missing pieces and concludes that the person is none other than Devesh.

Will Aradhya be able to warm Aryan about Devesh and stop from him getting married to Gayatri? Will Kumudini finally succeed in her plans of maligning Pradyumn’s image?

Stay tuned to Krishndasi to find out.

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