Spoiler Alert! THIS challenge of Ragini will change the lives of Swara and Lucky!
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As per the current plot, Ragini has been completely devastated to have lost the love of her life. Bewildered Ragini, suddenly goes missing from home and the family members look in search for her. But just then Lucky and Swara receive a call from Ragini asking them to meet her.

The story of Swaragini reaches its peak when Ragini, holding two bottles of poison, challenges Swara and Lucky to whoever loves her the most to come forward and drink from the second bottle. An argument breaks between Swara and Lucky as to who will ultimately have it as both equally love Ragini. But while they argue, Ragini suddenly drinks the poison after she senses something!

What’s that? What makes Ragini not wait even for the final decision by the two and gulp down the whole bottle of poison?! What exactly did she have in mind while she took such a drastic decision?


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