Spoiler Alert :Mohini & Sunanda behind bars
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  • August 21, 2015
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News of Simar’s death has reached the Bhardwaj household and the family will be now seen living with the dayan, Mohini and her mother Sunanda. Amar has now tied the know with Mohini.

In reality, Simar is still alive. The ‘superbahu’ plans to return to the Bhardwaj family to rescue them from the shackles of Mohini who no longer believes that Simar is alive.

 In order to save her family, Simar will be seen donning a  maid’s avatar and covering her face by wearing a ‘ghoonghat’ throughout this entire drama. She will pretend to be gullible while she plots against Mohini and Sunanda to expose their true colors.

The show will also see some black magic sequences where Mohini would perform witchcraft and compel the disguised Simar to kill Sanjana. Simar will also be seen battling this difficult situation by offering prayers to ‘matarani’, while Amar would  be seen helping Simar expose Mohini too.

The suspense will reach an all time high when Amar would be unsuccessful in getting the police as the police car breaks down while coming to arrest Mohini. The whole track is likely to end with Mohini and Sunanda landing in prison. Once again, good will win over evil! Simar will save Sanjana and the family, still disguised as a maid.

Stay tuned and watch out for how Simar plays her part in revealing the true face of the evil Mohini.

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