Spoiler Alert: Another twist in Thapki and Dhruv’s love story awaits!
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Thapki is all set to prove the truth when the family picture that dadi has given for printing is exchanged with the one that Thapki has given for printing. Before she can get a hold of the photo, someone in the house sets the photo frame on fire with Thapki ending up taking the blame for it saying that the picture wasn’t the same as the one that dadi had ordered. Vasu feels bad for Dhruv seeing how he cannot still erase Thapki’s memories from his mind and decides to take matters in her own hands to help Dhruv move on with his life. She calls Mr. Singh, a retired army officer and his daughter Shraddha to their house. Within no time, Sharddha manages to impress everyone in the family and it is then Vasu announces that she in fact is the perfect match for her son, Dhruv.  Scared that Thapki will not approve of their relationship, Vasu convinces Thapki to tell Dhruv that she has given Bihaan and her relationship another chance and that she wants Dhruv also to move on with his life. Stuck between her lady love and mother, will Dhruv agree to the marriage? With him agreeing to marriage, will Dhruv and Thapki’s relationship finally be over? 

To find out what happens in the next episode, don’t forget to watch Thapki Pyar ki, Mon-Sat, 7 PM. 

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