Sonali’s love interests lock horns!
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Since Gautam was the first one to nominate his name for the Captain's candidature, Big Boss asked rest of the housemates to nominate one person, who they collectively feel is a perfect choice to become the captain. Big Boss asked for another name finalized with housemate’s aapsi sehmati, who would compete with Gautam in the task, and whoever wins will become the captain this week. The majority named Upen , and I couldn’t help but suspect that everybody had pre-planned the name as just yesterday Gautam and Upen had a huge fight! This could also make the scenario even more interesting when the two would lock the horns (literally and figuratively). Well, so KHabri thinks! 


The task was simple, where both had to grip individual poles in the task area, while standing opposite to each other with a white line dividing the ground. The two opponents will get two helpers to support them and make the opponent loose his grip over the pole. These members could drag the rival competitor till he touches the white line in between, by using all the strength they have, in the end making the one they support win the task. Upen had Ali and Arya to support, whereas Gautam had Pritam and Puneet on his side.


The game ended soon as one of them gave it up too soon! Catch tonight's episode at 9 pm to witness the war for captainship with the added tadka of betrayal, friendship and a broken dream! 



Cranes her neck inside the House,





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