Sonali what’s your problem?
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Karishma and Ali  already had a session on Sonali’s captaincy and how it had irked them, when Sonali came on an inspection to check if everyone was doing the given duties or not and if the daily chores were completed. As Sonali checked the washroom area, which was Ali and Karishma's duty for the week, she questioned Karishma why wasn’t it cleaned? Karishma replied saying that she had already taken bath and now she couldn’t do it also the area majorly was to be cleaned by Ali. She also said that if required she would just sweep off the area after having lunch. Sonali looked at her for a moment and then asked if Karishma was saying and doing all this purposely? Karishma said that she had no gain in doing such stuffs neither was she interested. As Sonali walked off Ali, Puneet and Pritam were seen totally annoyed with her attitude and they discussed what actually did she think of herself when she made a statement like “ Niyamo ka ullanghan karna USP hai meri, yeh mera style hai”. Oh really Sonali? Don’t you think you have taken Bigg Boss’s rules for granted? She also shocked everyone when she said,“Yeh blinders itni jaldi kyun bandh hote hain , mujhe ready hone mein time lagta hai, kya inn logon ko samajh mein nahi aata?” Sonali made this comment everytime the main door blinders went down related to any task or cleaning, so the boys sarcastically said that “Haan ab toh Bigg Boss inki marzi se blinders kholenge aur bandh karenge!”

Kya yeh kabhi sudhregi? Too much attitude eh?


Stay tuned to catch the episode tonight!


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