Sonali makes a move towards Gautam once again!
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  • November 3, 2014
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Its obvious to see housemates getting extra sweet to each other after every weekend ka vaar! Too much mithaas in their approach has become a bit too much! And why not? When each one gets grilled by Salman Khan, nobody can get rid from being shown the report card of their ‘Kartoots’ through the week! 


So as an unexpected change, I saw Sonali walking up to Gautam once again! This gesture itself made me think she certainly is either too confused how to play the game or has the knack to very well understand which party to cling on to, especially when the time is not right! This Saturday, when Salman questioned each one about their unfair behavior towards Gautam it was apparent that everyone mellowed down quite a bit towards him. Forgetting about their tiff for a moment, they both chit chatted and Gautam asked her why she doesn’t do her duty properly ? To which, Sonali bluntly responded “Main yahan jhaadu maarne nahi aayi hun.” Quite an attitude eh? Later Gautam also shared how bad he felt when during the task she had to drink egg yolk shake, he said “Tum wo task karte waqt kaafi innocent lag rahi thi.” Also, while they discussed on certain issues related to life, Sonali stated “Why in India there is a big deal about just everything?” To which, Gautam, with much sarcasm said, “Tum Bharat mein ho hi kyun??” 


Lol Gautam I caught your humour!


Watch the full episode for more gossips.


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