Sonali is getting male attention for many reasons!
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  • October 24, 2014
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I have been noticing that Sonali is one girl who believes in hanging around with the boys in the house more than the girls. Luckily, this keeps her off from typical girlie gossips and bitching for sure.  I heard Pritam also saying “yeh humara yaar hai,hum isse ladki maante hi nahi” this makes one thing clear that even the bindaas boys like her and seem pretty much comfortable having her around all the time!


But there is still one issue that most of the housemates have with Sonali is that she dilly-dallies her work and doesnt keep things orderly. It’s kind of funny when she gets punished and yet she is absolutely nonchalant about it. I have even heard people calling her “aalsi” . 


I could’t ignore the fact when Ali and Upen were openly flirting around with her and I heard Ali asking Sonali“Hum aapke hain kaun?” Which Sonali completely ignored. Hello Gautam! Hope you are keeping a close eye on your competitors. Oh ya! Talking of flirting, I missed on something interesting. Minissha was heard telling someone that she believes in ‘flirtationships.’ Why do I get this feeling that people in the house are proving to be just the opposite from earlier what they said they were and the big hue and cry that was created all through these weeks. 







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