Sonali gets greedy during the task, leaves limited options for others.
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  • November 25, 2014
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It was a fantastic set up inside the app room for the new task. I was spellbound. And then I saw Sonali being called out as the first contestant. As she entered the app room, she got four options – Beauty, Stardom, Chance to talk to her sister and to receive letter from her sister who is closest to her. Going with the minimum percentage app, Sonali chose to go with Stardom, to know what her fans think about her. Big Boss then lured her to use some more apps which could make her happy even more! Trapped Sonali, was anyway longing to have a letter from her sister whom she is very close to, so she once again chose the app, which fetched her the handwritten letter. But, on a contrary the housemates got really irritated with her for the battery was left with only fifty eight percent charge. Well,this is what the game is all about!


On the other hand, during Praneet's turn he had an option to meet his girlfriend for a date but that overshot the remaining percentage of battery by then. He wasn’t interested to use other apps and felt the wise decision was to save the remaining battery for some other contestant to avail things. 


What was housemate's reaction to this task? Watch in tonight’s episode @ 9pm.


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