Sonali becomes over sweet to Gautam,another strategy?
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  • November 14, 2014
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As Gautam became the captain and took over the reigns of the entire house in his hands, Sonali approached him being sugary sweet. She said that since now he has become the captain she hoped he wouldn’t give her work! Well sweetie! Gautam has passed that phase where he would be amused by your words and fall for them.


Gautam had already judged her true personality and very firmly said “Tum acche se kaam karo, tumhe mera full support milega”. To this Sonali said she works well and pointed out that he has become a little negative towards everything in the house. Gautam bluntly responded that repeatedly listening to everyone in this house about him being negative even he has started believing he is negative. Oh Gautam please don’t get influenced! In fact, Sonali also said that he is staying aloof from everyone. He said he has got pulled in altogether different zone and now he has to fulfil his duties as a captain with all his might.Well, Gauti I really hope you do what you say!


Watch the Housemates reactions on the new captain!


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