Sonali bach ke rehna!
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  • November 8, 2014
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It was an ice breaking session when Diandra was found talking to the new housemate Dimpy, and they started off talking in general about beauty not being skin deep (Favorite topic for the ladies of course!), also that ‘Hotness Quotient’ doesn’t come from makeup, accessories and the clothes you wear . In fact, getting a little comfortable Di’ also mentioned that if these superficial things actually counted then she wouldn’t be where she is now! Rightly said Di’. In another moment I saw the two fresh faces in the house trying to gel with each other first so that they could have each other’s support when needed! Good strategy! Apparently the two didn’t get good vibes from Sonali, as I heard them discussing! Renne stated she is the ‘Real Double dholki’ using Upen and Gautam for her advantage. Later, the two also shared their personal experiences with her. So, finally they did it! Well I would be lying if I said they would survive without doing so either (winks).Towards the end of their conversation I heard them plotting against Sonali as in how they would take care of her the next time she tries poking! Oh Thank God! Now I am convinced they have come to play the real game! Which I wouldn’t agree to earlier, believing in their sweet innocent faces with which they walked inside the house! Looks can be deceptive, hence proved!


Welcome to Bigg Boss!


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