Sonali and Upen do some Public display of affection!
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  • October 30, 2014
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I saw Sonali  trying to nurse her macho man Upen by holding his hand that was a little injured while doing the captainship task! And this gesture made them look madly in love even more! Awww… I totally love to see 'Shopen' together! How about this new nickname given by me to the duo?(winks). C’mmon now, it's not just me, but everyone in the house is trying to tease them whenever they get a chance. In fact whenever I peek-a-boo inside the house, I see the two lost in each other's eyes. *Eyelids go batting* 


I remember, from the beginning of the season itself, Sonali mentioned that she wanted somebody who had a good physique and was mature enough to care of her! So, you think Upen fits the bill? Well, at that time Sonali had also said that she finds Gautam the most good looking on screen, ah ummm! Let’s change the topic! 


I love to spy around while the two are talking to each other, and I heard Upen telling Sonali “Ab tum humaare liye khana nahi banaaogi toh aur kaun banaayega” to which Sonali turned red and bushed! Ooooo…


Catch tonight what changes does the new captain makes in the house!



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