Somi makes Deepak jealous?
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After a power-packed Weekend ka Vaar, the contestants gear up for another week full of adventure, planning, and plotting. Today, the nominated contestants other than Romil will get a chance to save themselves from getting eliminated.  As a part of this task, a safe zone was made in the garden area with only 3 chairs and 3 flagposts. Dipika, Surbhi and Deepak were the first ones to enter the safe zone. They had to wear safe badges and the flags with their name and picture was hosted on the flag posts. After every gong they had to mutually decide to leave the safe zone and give the spot to someone they thought deserved it the most. But even after leaving the spot they were allowed to come in if someone else took their name and surrendered their spot. The entire house was seen strategizing and convincing each other to gain a spot in the safe zone.


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Going forward, we see Somi getting pally with Rohit which makes Deepak a little jealous. Is Somi doing this on purpose? We also see a cute banter between Somi and Deepak with Rohit trying to add his little fun element. Tonight’s truly unmissable thanks to these things lined up for you! Stay tuned to Appy Fizz presents Bigg Boss 12 powered by Oppo F9 Pro every day at 9 pm only on COLORS for more!



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