Sohum slaps Rajji, Bani – Ishq Da Kalma, Weekly Update 14th October -17th October
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Bua ji accepts Rajji as her daughter-in-law and a worthy wife for Sohum, after she passes all the tests with flying colors. Buaji also apologizes to Rajji for all the hardships that she had given her , and justifies that all this was to bring Sohum and Rajji closer to each other.


Rajji thanks Sohum for turning up and not letting her down in front of Buaji. She further tells Sohum that she requested Bani to leave for Delhi alone. This was something that came as a shock to Sohum and he lost his cool. This resulted in Sohum slapping Rajji and accusing her for causing misery to Bani. Sohum then reveals the truth to Rajji, that Bani went to Delhi to arrange the Visa and not to meet Parmeet. Rajji is guilty after hearing this.


Buaji leaves with a promise that she will return in a month and by then, Rajji and Simran should think about having a baby in the house.


Meanwhile Bani reaches Delhi and while wandering on the streets she meets a taxi driver name Bansi. Bansi came out as a friendly person and on humanitarian grounds agreed to help Bani. On finding that Bani is hassled he takes her to a Visa Agent, the agent informs Bani that it would take him a couple of days to arrange for the Visa.


Bansi offers Bani a nice and cheap place to stay where she can spend next couple of days without any trouble. Bansi makes her meet Saraswati as the care taker of the lodge. While Bani was setting up her room, Bansi spots a picture of Parmeet and informs Bani that he has seen Parmeet sometime back; he was a passenger and got down at Karol bagh station. Bansi also assures Bani that together they’ll find him somehow.


Back at Sohum’s place, Rajji and Sohum are not talking to each other. Sohum tells Rajji not to fake her care about Bani to which Rajji gets furious and asks Sohum to mind his words. While Sohum is angry about what Rajji did with Bani, Rajji on the other hand is miffed that neither her sister nor her husband told her the truth.


While in Delhi, Bansi and Bani put up posters all over the place in search of Parmeet. When Bani comes back to the lodge she finds her luggage missing. On enquiring she comes to know that the caretaker is missing along with her stuff. Later it is shown that all this misery for Bani was planned by Saraswati and Bansi. And there is something sinister behind their help. 


Is Bani in some serious trouble?

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