Sofia vs Armaan #BB Saath-7 Synopsis Day 81
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~Sofia breaks down~

They say that two friends bond better over a common enemy and this phenomenon seems to have occurred in the Bigg Boss House as Kushal seems to enjoy his bond with Ajaz after their spat with Armaan. As the sun comes up, Gauahar wakes up feeling very happy as she realizes that her captaincy is coming to an end. She claims to be completely fed up of overseeing the task and managing her fellow housemates. 



However, her glee doesn’t last for long as Kushal says that he will only do a little bit of cleaning and no other chore in the house. Gauahar feels upset upon hearing this and tries to convince him but Kushal walks away while refusing to see reason. Gauahar also notices Ajaz supporting Kushal and finds their collective behaviour extremely weird. Seeing this, Kamya steps in and speaks to Ajaz about completing his responsibilities. While she is dealing with Ajaz, Gauahar and Kushal also make up. 


Later in the day, the housemates are asked to pick out the worst performers of the task. The housemates take a long time to decide because two distinct groups have formed inside the Bigg Boss house with each wanting to target their opposition. After intense discussions, all the housemates vote for their respective choices as a result of which Armaan and Sofia find themselves as the nominated contestants.


Bigg Boss later makes an announcement about a ‘Wrecking Ball’ task in which the weakest contestants, Armaan and Sofia, will compete. The losing contestant from this task will find himself/herself nominated for next week’s evictions. Armaan and Sofia enter the activity room to see the housemates lined up for the task. Their contribution to the task is that they will throw the wrecking ball at Armaan and Sofia. Sangram pushes the fall first towards Sofia and kicks off the task. 


Tanishaa makes some personal remarks about Gauahar who overhears what is being said. Gauahar feels disgusted by the backbiting and breaks down. Kushal calms her down and they both decide to avoid Tanishaa and Armaan. While this is going on, Armaan and Andy can be seen making fun of Ajaz’s performance in the Wrecking Ball task. Tanishaa joins into their conversation and together, the trio, have a good laugh. 



Feeling targeted from all sides, Ajaz tries to create differences between Kushal and Gauahar. However, he is unable to do that as Kushal laughs at him and says that his relationship with Gauahar is based on a lot of trust. Ajaz tests Gauahar’s patience and her trust by speaking about Kushal’s past experience with girls. 


To Gauahar’s joy, a captaincy task named ‘Aaja Meri Gaadi Mein Baith Jaa’ is announced. As a part of the task, the housemates are required to sit inside the car without a washroom and food break and the ones who step out will no longer be in the running for captaincy. The contestants are asked to enter the car only after they hear the task alarm. As the contestants run towards to car to get seated, Armaan finds himself left out of the car. Andy tries to make some space for him, but Armaan, feeling bad, decides to not enter the car. Soon after, Kushal feels suffocated and decides to quit the task. 


Will Andy survive till the end and finally realize his dream of becoming the captain of the Bigg Boss house? 


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