So, this is the first mahayuddh of Bigg Boss 8!
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Predicted already by soothsayer Khabri! Today’s episode will be a big highlight on the show so far. Weren't you all expecting this since the day Ali entered the house? Ok, let me tell you what happened without wasting anymore time. During the BB Mithaiwale task, an argument started between Gautam and Diandra due to some miscommunication, when the two teams were asked to make sweets of the opposite team’s choice. We have seen that the things have not been even coordial between Diandra  and Gautam more often than not. Even after Gautam’s first move towards Diandra to make things up, she has been giving cold shoulder to him ah! poor boy! 


So this time around, while the task was on, and the things hadn’t yet settled,  Puneet jumped out of nowhere yelling at Gautam telling many bura bhala things, and my sharp eyes noticed Puneet getting a little physical with Gautam in rage!  This made Gautam cry a little, as he never expected Puneet to be so mean and agressive towards him ..*boohoohoo* Aur suno!  While this fiasco was going on, Puneet also yelled at Diandra as she used the word ‘shut up’ just to settle down the matter, which was affecting the task adversely. All this for a small misunderstanding. But, the bad day did not end for Gautam here.


Just a little while after the things settled between the three, Ali and Gautam had a massive fight! Why?  That’s apparently because Gautam abused Ali for something and Ali didn’t take it jokingly ,he screamed“gaali kyun di !!!!”  and also shouted telling ”aankhen nikaal dunga”. And what happened next?? Ali too was seen crying for it, I mean really?? Who said men don’t cry! Ehehehe… Aissa lagta hai Gautam had a real bad day! !!!


Sneaks out to check on Gautam!





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