Sneak Peek: When Puneet became the National Villian!
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Puneet narrates his Coolie incident with Amitabh Bachchan to the housemates in tonight's episode. When Puneet signed his first Bollywood film “Coolie”, he was given a fight sequence with Amitabh Bachchan. But little did he know that it would come as one of the shocker for him. 

Puneet said, “I had to pick Mr Bachchan and throw him to one side. And once he comes back I had to punch him in the stomach. We did four-five rehearsals which went fine. After that we started shooting. I picked up Amitji and threw him to one side, he lost balance and came forward. At the same time I had to punch him in the stomach. As he lost balance he came forward with full force and I punched him in the stomach. He collapsed. That's when I got really scared. He was hurt badly. I was accussed of trying to kill the national hero and I had suddenly become the national villian!”

“Later when Amitji recovered he addressed the media and said that it was not my fault. But people don't accept. I was thrown out of 7-8 films and for 6 years I had no work,” Puneet was heard saying.

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