Sneak Peek: Episode 5: A day of kitchen politics, elimination and new entry!
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With just four days passed, rifts and arguments have started to appear on the surface. Some housmates are bonding and some are getting repelling. Resentment is starting to build up slowly. The fourth day in the Bigg Boss house started majorly with kitchen affair. In the morning itself housemates started to argue over the cleaning of the kitchen. Praneet and Gautam had day’s first rift over the water leakage in the kitchen sink. The argument heated up when Praneet addressed Gautam as “the footage artist”.  Gautam fumed up and reacted to Praneet’s statement.
The next argument rose up when Diandra told Praneet to wash dishes outside in the garden area but Praneet insisted to wash them in the kitchen sink that was leaking. Diandra was already irritated at Praneet as she knew about the morning scene between Praneet and Gautam. She got further agitated when he argued with her. She called Upen to intervene and left the kitchen after a while.

The fact that Praneet was trying to overpower housemates in the kitchen became a topic of discussion.  Daindra and Soni discussed about how Praneet is trying to dominate in the kitchen which is usually a women’s job.
On the other hand, Praneet was happy about the morning rift. He revealed to Aarya that he called Gautam “the footage artist” to fume him up. As they burst into laughter a glimpse of Aarya and Praneet’s alliance formation was seen.

Another interesting twist of the day came up when Bigg Boss decided to eliminate one member of the Secret Society. The decision was given to the Secret Society members to decide among them as to who will go. The decision was to be made on the basis of weak decision making power!

The master stroke of the day came when a new housemate was seen entering the aircraft!

With each passing day, new surprises will unveil in the Bigg Boss house.

To find out what happens next, stay tuned to Bigg Boss 8 at 9 pm only on Colors!

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