Sneak Peek: Deepshikha breaks down!
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  • September 30, 2014
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When Deepshikha tried coninvcing Karishma for the task, she was only trying to fulfil her duty of being a team captain. But housemates took her wrong, the first one to shout on her was Karishma who said, “Aapko jeetna hai to aap jaake karlo task!”

It is then Upen came and told her to not bother Karishma. It was then Deepshikha broke down. With tears in her eyes she kept trying to explain her point. “I stand by my team and whatever decision you will make I will support you,” she was spotted as saying. 

Despite that even Sushant was angry with Deepshikha and felt that she was just doing all this for the task and that she doesn't empathize with Karishma. 

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