Six stunts that have checked the endurance level of Khiladis
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It has already been over two months and now the reality show Khatron Ke Khialdi 7 is in it's last week. With a host of celebrities expected to make the finale grander this weekend, let's take a look at the weeks gone by and recall some of the toughest challenges that the khilaids had to face on the show.


Jhumka gira re Argentina ke Bazar mein: This was a weight task and one person from each team performed it. There were two containers- one filled with oil and the other filled with worms.The first one also contained pieces of jewellery while the second one had some oysters. The contestants had to put their mouth inside the first container and pick out a piece of jewellery and then put their mouth inside the second one and pull out an oyster. The task was timed and whoever had higher weighing oysters won the task.


Phefda vs Kekda: Crabs are something that a lot of people are scared of. They can make you snap at any time. In this stunt one contestant form each team had his face in a bowl which was filled with crabs followed by water. They had to breathe through a pipe which was in their mouth. To win the task they had to unscrew a series of screws and open the bowl to dispense all the water. Being a time stunt, whoever did this stunt in less time won.


Rolling Action: The first stunt of week eight was the rolling action stunt which was performed by Raghav, Vivan and Mahhi. A huge rolling drum with a net running along its circumference was placed on top a swimming pool, and each one of the khiladis had to grab onto the net and move along it. The stunt required the contestants to jump and pluck the flag from a rod placed above the drum whenever they came above water. The twist in the game was that, the contestant could only pluck one flag at a time and with each consecutive flag, the speed of the drum increased. The total time given for the stunt was five minutes. Vivan managed to remove one flag but aborted the stunt mid way, so did Raghav who plucked two flags and Mahhi opted out of the stunt as she was too scared of water. This was the first time that all the three contestants aborted the stunt mid-way. Raghav acquired two flags during this stunt.


Breathless: As the name suggests, this stunt was meant to check the ability of each of the contestants to hold their breath under water. A pool which was divided into three levels had glow sticks kept on each level. The khiladis were to go into the levels one at a time and get the glow sticks back to the surface. The entry point and exit points for each level was different. Mahhi went first followed by Tanishaa and Vivan. Mahhi aborted the stunt at the beginning of it because of her fear of water, while Tanishaa managed to get back one glow stick and Vivan two. 


Pak Pak Pak Pakao:This stunt was performed by Mukti, Sana and Parvathy. The stunt required each of the contestants to lie down inside a pen with their hands and legs tied up with hen feed spread across their bodies. Hens were later let loose inside the pen for the feed and the khiladis had to endure the pain, while the hens pecked away on the food. A buzzer which was placed just below the head of the contestants ensured that the khiladis kept their heads raised and away from it to avoid the buzzer from getting pressed. Mukti and Sana won the stunt as they were able to stay inside the pen for the longest time. While Mukti stayed for a whole 25 minutes, Sana stayed for 19 minutes 14 seconds and Parvathy for 18 minutes 22 seconds.


Illaka tera dhamaka mera :This stunt was performed in pairs. While Tanishaa was paired with Sidharth, Vivan was paired with Sana. A bus was suspended mid air, while the men were hanging from suspension above the bus, the women were suspended below it. The stunt required the men to climb down using a ladder to a point just below the bus, then using a chain lower the girls so that they would touch the ground, and then climb down themselves. Once both the partners climbed down, they had to unhook each other, run to a pile of mud and search and assemble the three parts of a handle. Once this was done, they had to run to the detonator, place the handle on top and press it. As soon as the detonator was pressed, the bus fell to the ground and burst into flames. The ones to compete the stunt first, won it. Sidharth and Tanishaa won this stunt.

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