Simhika puts Shani into big trouble this week!
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 It’s the time of ‘Rahu kaal’ on Shani, due to which Rahu is very powerful during this time, and with the help of his mother so far he has been successful in making situations troublesome for all the heavenly deities.




This week we will see how Simhika keeps Chhaya trapped in her palace and when Shani comes out in search of her she throws different challenges at him that put him in a fix!




We will see how Simhika in order to release Chhaya from her shackles asks Shani to fight with one of her warriors, to Shani’s surprise its none other than his mother Chhaya who is forced to fight against Shani. We will see an emotionally intense moment when Shani would refuse to fight with her but Chhaya would insist on fighting. What will Shani do?





As per the other instance, Simhika would give another option to Shani to free his mother from her trap, i.e. he would either have to break Sanghya’s stone form or bring her Hanuman’s mother, Anjani. Shani will be seen in a big dilemma. Simhika would keep threatening about harming Chhaya if he doesn’t do what she has asked for!


How will Shani find a solution to this? Will Simhika win this time or things will turn around?


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