Simar’s first encounter with Jhumki: Sasural Simar Ka Weekly Recap 8th- 14th May
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When the pandit at the temple refused to recognize Simar, the Bharadwaj family’s suspicion about Simar finding Roli deepened. In her desperation, Simar narrated the whole story of Roli’s death, which made the Bharadwaj family believe that Simar was undergoing trauma. (Watch as Simar is proved wrong)

On the other hand, Veeru and Khushi joined hands, and Khushi revealed how she had proven Simar wrong by paying off the doctors and the pandit. 

The Bharadwaj family decided that Simar should take a break with Prem at a hill station when the doctor declared that Simar had suffered a mental breakdown, but Simar refused. 

Just as the Bharadwaj family was ready to leave, Naina put her foot down, and demanded that they get her married to Siddhant, or she would kill herself. Finally, Mataji agreed to get Naina married to Siddhanth. (Watch as Naina blackmails the Bhardwaj family)

When Prem and Simar found out that Naina and Siddhanth were about to be married, they decided to expose Naina before it was too late. Luckily, they ran into Siddhant’s friends who informed them that Siddhant was with them at the conference, which confirmed that Naina was lying. 

Prem and Simar finally found proof of Naina’s conspiracy when they landed up at the conference hotel and saw the CCTV footage of an unconscious Siddhant being dragged to Naina’s room. (Watch as Prem and Simar uncover Naina’s truth)

Prem called Sujata when the family was getting ready for Siddhant and Naina’s marriage, and blew the cover off Naina’s lies on speaker phone. Naina tried her best to prove her innocence, but in the end she had to confess that she was not pregnant, earning a slap from Mataji. (Watch as Naina is grilled by the Bharadwaj family)

Finally the family apologized to Siddhant for doubting him, and left Naina with a warning of not coming near their family again. The Bharadwaj family reached their house, but were shocked to see Veeru and Khushi blocking the door. Veeru gleefully informed them that he was now the owner of the Bharadwaj house as Roli had named him as the nominee. He also told them that he was out on bail, and gave them 48 hours to vacate the house. (Watch as the Bharadwaj family faces another challenge)

Khushi began her harassment of the Bharadwaj family by changing the look of the house and throwing the family belongings out. On the other hand, Simar was on the verge of meeting Jhumki as Prem saved her from a goon who was following her. (Watch Simar’s first encounter with Jhumki)

The Bharadwaj family has once again fallen into the clutches of Veeru and Khushi, and Simar has found another ray of hope in the form of Jhumki. Will this change their lives forever?

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