Simar’s crippling fear!
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On screen, she's an ideal daughter, wife, sister and bahu. She's shown to be fearless when it comes to 

protecting her loved ones from harm or ill-intent. We're talking about Simar, the lead of Sasural Simar 

Ka, played by Deepika Samson. But we have discovered a weak spot underneath all this strength. Deepika Samson is mortally afraid of reptiles!


Says Deepika,”I freeze whenever I see any reptile and am unable to move till it is removed from the 

premises. I can't stand even small reptiles like lizards, let alone snakes and I get terrified if I even one remotely close to me.”


But this phobia is hidden from the cast and screw of Sasural Simar Ka. Deepika herself let the cat out of 

the bag when they were shooting in Vaishnodevi last year. The scene was one where she was supposed to be stuck in a cave and trying to look for a way out. “I was in a bad shape with my hair and clothes all messed up. In addition, the director told me that a big lizard would be thrown on me and I had to brush it off. After numerous takes, I coludn't do the scene as I used to freeze whenever the lizard was thrown on me,” laughs Deepika.


The twist in the tale is that the lizard was fake and the director tried convincing her but to no avail. The scene could not be shot and finally had to be abandoned. But thankfully, Deepika had to go through this 

ordeal only once as nowadays the crew ensures that there are no creepy crawlies where Deepika is shooting.


That is one caring crew we must say!

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