Simar saves a pregnant Naina from killing herself: Sasural Simar Ka Weekly Update 27th Feb-5th March
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Last week, Khushi did manage to stay in Bharadwaj house, but was given second hand treatment by the family members, as revenge for what she had done with them. The Bharadwaj family was overwhelmed as they got back their glory days, and decided to forget about Khushi and live happily in the future. After Simar’s advice, Roli tried to get the spark back in her and Siddhant’s life by arranging a romantic surprise for him. (Watch the cute moment here)

But Siddhant couldn’t enjoy the surprise as Naina kept calling to talk to him. 

Finally, when Roli answered her call, Naina discovered that Siddhant was still with her, and she was devastated. Naina’s call brought back the memories of his infidelity back to Siddhant, and he left the house, leaving Roli heart broken. (Watch the scene here)

The next morning, just as Roli was getting worried about Siddhant not coming back home, Naina came to the Bharadwaj house. Before Roli could see her, Siddhant confronted her, and yelled at her for coming home. 

But he was shocked when Naina confessed her love for him, and claimed that she deserved a place in his life as he was divorced from Roli. When Siddhant asserted that he loved Roli and whatever happened with Naina was a mistake, Naina declared that her life was now futile, leaving Siddhant shocked (Watch the confrontation here)

Roli finally asked Siddhant what was worrying him, but Siddhant was speechless as he thought that Roli wouldn’t be able to take the shock (Watch Siddhant's nightmare here

Simar was on her way home when she saw Naina walking down the road, unmindful of the traffic around her. Naina, hurt by Siddhant’s words, jumped off the bridge to end her life, and Simar jumped after her to save her (Watch her heroic actions here)

Simar was successful in saving Naina’s life and taking her to the hospital, where she was informed that Naina was pregnant and that both her child and Naina were safe. When Simar informed Roli about Naina, Siddhant suspected that it was Naina who Simar had saved. 

Naina woke up and cried to Simar to let her die, But Simar told her that she was responsible for the child’s life too, whom she had to protect. She also vowed to get justice for Naina and the child from the child’s father. 

Simar has promised justice for Naina and her child. What will happen when she finds out that Siddhant is responsible for the situation? Will she choose Naina, or her sister Roli’s happiness? 


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