Simar plans to reunite the family: Sasural Simar Ka Recap 14th-20th August
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The rift between Shobha and the Bharadwaj family was too much to bear for Prem and he expressed his dilemma of being responsible towards his family to Simar, who assured him that he would succeed in it. While the Bharadwaj family decided to treat Shobha and Janhvi with respect, Janhvi barged in and started bad mouthing Sujata. When all attempts to silence her failed, Siddhant slapped Janhvi, which lead to her family being very angry. (Watch the scene here)

Siddhant tried to reason with Prem, but Prem sided with Janhvi and stormed off. Shobha told Prem that they would leave the house after this insult.Prem demanded that Siddhant apologize to Janhvi, but Siddhant refused flatly as Janhvi had insulted Sujata. (Watch the scene here)

Prem announced that he was leaving the house and asked Simar to choose between the family and him. Simar was in tears but she chose to stay with the family. 

When Simar failed to convince Prem to stay, she decided to join him in leaving the house. Prem and Simar emotionally packed their bags. After a talk with Simar, Roli announced to the family that Simar was leaving along with Prem. 

The Bharadwajs were very sad to see Prem leaving with Simar and tried their best to stop him. But Sujata and Mataji’s please fell on deaf ears as Shobha, Janhvi, Prem, Simar and Anjali left the house. (Watch the scene here)

But Simar stopped the family from leaving by convincing Shobha that her son also contributed to the building of Bharadwaj house and hence they had an equal share in the property. So the family went inside the house, and the Bharadwajs were shocked when they found out that Simar wanted a share in the property. (Watch the scene here)

The family was shocked to see this side of Simar, and Siddhant refused to forgive her, and stormed off. On Shobha’s insistence, Mataji gave them the left side of the house, and declared that the mandir and kitchen will not be divided. 

Mataji found out that Roli and Simar had planned all this to keep Prem in the house, and blessed them. But Shobha was suspicious of Simar;s sudden U-turn, and decided to keep an eye on her. She also created an issue about eating with the Bharadwaj family inspite of Simar’s requests and warned her not to speak to the family or she would leave the house. Simar insulted Roli as she knew that Shobha was following her, which made Siddhant very angry, and also refused to be consoled by Roli. (Watch the scene here)

At night, Roli and Simar met up in secret on the terrace where Simar apologized to Roli for her earlier behaviour. Simar was shocked to see Mataji listening to them but Roli told her that Mataji knew about their plan, and the three decided that their plan would start tomorrow. (Watch the decision here)

Shobha finally got her wish of getting a separate kitchen as Prem agreed to her demand. Simar tried to bring the family together by sending Anjali to the Bharadwaj side of the house. After resisting a lot, Sujata couldn’t help herself and picked up a crying Anjali, only to be berated by Shobha for making Anjali cry. (Watch the scene here)

Shobha then asked Simar to accompany her in buying a locket for Anjali which would be a gift for her. When they were leaving, they overheard the family talking about Pari’s godbharai, which made Simar very sad. Janhvi stole the earrings that Simar had kept as Pari’s gift, and decided not to let Simar meddle in their task. Simar refused to swear that she would break all relations with the Bharadwaj family, so Shobha tried to instigate Prem against her. After a lot of arguments from both sides, Prem finally decide to attend Pari’s godbharai. (Watch the scene here)

As Janhvi decided to defeat Simar, Simar and Roli wished that things get back to normal soon.

Will Simar succeed in getting Prem back to the family? 

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