Simar gets shot after Roli’s happy ending! Weekly Recap: 13th-19th February
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This week on Sasural Simar Ka saw the whole of Bharadwaj family rallying against Veeru and Khushi. Prem and Veeru almost got into a fist fight when Prem tried to stop Roli from marrying him. But Roli stopped Veeru and in turn asked the Bharadwaj family to leave them alone. Mausiji informed Simar about the wedding, and Simar panicked as she was unable to find the papers. But finally, with a little divine intervention, Simar found the papers, only to be accosted by Khushi, who snatched the papers from her.

This lead to a scuffle between Khushi and Simar for the papers, and Simar was saved in the nick of time by Siddhant, who stopped Khushi from stabbing Simar.

Khushi called Veeru in the middle of the pheras, and told him the truth about Roli’s wedding to him. Roli tensed up as Veeru confronted her, but later laughed it off and told her that he trusted her, and continued the ceremony. During the final phera, Simar reached the mandir, and Roli took the opportunity to ditch Veeru, revealing that the drama was over as they had gotten the property back. Simar, too, convinced the shocked Bharadwaj family that Roli was telling the truth, and the whole family apologized to Roli for not trusting her. But Veeru, crazy in love, pounced on Roli and asked her to marry him, even after giving the property away to her family. Siddhant intervened and pushed Veeru off, after which Veeru threatened to kill Anjali if Roli didn’t marry him.

Roli agreed, but once Anjali was safely back in Simar’s arms, Siddhant stopped the last phera. Enraged, Veeru tried to forcefully take Roli to another temple to be married, but was stopped and thrashed by Prem and Siddhant, before being handed over to the police.

With Veeru and Khushi gone, the Bharadwaj family, especially Siddhant, had a happy reunion with Roli. But Veeru, who was being taken away by the police, couldn’t bear to see Roli happy with Siddhant, and tried to shoot her with the police gun. Simar, who saw Veeru whip out the gun, ran to her sister’s rescue, and ended up getting shot instead of Roli!

The whole family was shocked when they saw this, and rushed Simar to the hospital. Roli broke down uncontrollably as she held herself responsible for Simar’s condition. The whole family consoled each other and prayed for Simar’s recovery. But Siddhant’s consolation of Roli was interrupted by Naina’s constant calls, which he couldn’t answer. Veeru was put in jail, but he claimed that he would be back soon to get Roli. The Bharadwaj family was left devastated when the doctor declared that saving Simar was not possible for them.

As Roli’s testing times ended with the family getting the property back, Simar made a huge sacrifice to save her sister. Now with Simar’s life hanging in the balance, the next week promises to be exciting



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