Simar finally tracks down Roli! Sasural Simar Ka Weekly Recap 17th-23rd April
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Naina and Khushi’s ploy of spoiling the Bharadwaj family’s name worked as the neighbours questioned Mataji over Naina carrying Siddhant’s child. After this humiliation, Mataji was forced to announce that Naina and Siddhant would marry on the last day of Navratri. Simar and Siddhant opposed the wedding, but were coaxed by Mataji. (Watch as Siddhant agrees for the wedding)

Roli fainted just as she was leaving for her wedding to Veeru, and the doctor warned Veeru not to stress Roli out or she would slip into depression. Mausiji caught Naina and Khushi as they were celebrating their victory, after which she prompted Prem to expose Naina faster. 

Roshni tried informing Simar about knowing Roli’s whereabouts but talked to Prem instead who thought she was another hoax caller and didn’t pay heed to her. Mataji declared that Siddhant and Naina would have a court marriage, which enraged Naina. (Watch as Naina vents out in front of Khushi)

Naina blackmailed the Bharadwaj family into agreeing for a traditional opulent wedding after which Sujata gave her the shagun bangles as a sign of acceptance. (Watch as Naina manipulates the family) But Khushi threatened Naina and snatched the bangles from her. 

Roli suddenly remembered Simar’s name while talking to Veeru, which sent Veeru into panic mode. He lied to Roli that Simar was her sister-in-law who had backstabbed her, resulting in their accident and warned her to stay away from her. (Watch as Roli is convinced by Veeru)

Roshni finally got through to Simar and informed her about Roli, which made Simar very happy. She told Prem the good news, but decided not to tell the family till she found out the truth. (Watch as Simar gets the news about Roli)

Prem continued his investigation of Naina and discovered that she suffers from an Obsessive Compulsive Disorder which had destroyed her former boss’ life and also enquired about her with the doctor who had treated her, but reached a dead end. Simar, too, met with Roshni who told her about Roli not recognizing her and being taken away by a man. 

Simar searched for Roli in the market where Roshni had seen her, and finally met a taxi driver who directed her to the hospital where she was admitted. Simar met the head nurse there and was shocked when she came to know about Roli’s memory loss. Co-incidentally, Veeru was at the same hospital to collect Roli’s medicineswhere she saw him, but Veeru did not notice Simar. (Watch their hit and miss here)

With Simar on the verge of finding Roli, will she be able to bring her back before it’s too late?

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