Simar finally finds Roli! Sasural Simar Ka Weekly Recap 24th-30th April
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In Bharadwaj house, Manoranjan tried to expose Naina by sending her for an ultrasound, but Khushi saved Naina by making up a story. Simar was having a difficult time searching for Roli, and in her frustration, screamed out for Roli’s name, which Roli heard, but couldn’t figure out the connection. (Watch Simar-Roli’s close encounter) But with a stroke of luck, Simar heard Kamini talking to another maid, and followed her home, where she was shocked to see Veeru.

In Bharadwaj house, Khushi tricked the family into having a mehendi function for Naina and Siddhant’s wedding, for which Mataji grudgingly agreed. Siddhant was unhappy with the celebrations as he felt that no one could take Roli’s place in his life. (Watch as Siddhant misses Roli)

Simar, on knowing that Veeru was preparing for his wedding with Roli, disguised herself as a mehendiwali and entered Roli’s house despite Kamini’s doubts about her. She started looking for Roli as she was desperate to see her. And finally, Simar saw Roli, confirming her hopes that she was alive! (Watch as Simar sees Roli after a long time)

On one hand, Naina emotionally blackmailed everyone into dancing for her mehendi ceremony, and on the other, Simar started applying mehendi to Roli. When they were alone, Simar revealed herself, but Roli thought that Simar had come to hurt her, and started screaming. (Watch as Simar fails to convince Roli)

Veeru rushed home on hearing Roli’s screams and chased Simar, who had managed to escape. Veeru searched for Simar but luckily Simar managed to escape. (Watch as Simar runs for her life)

Simar told Prem about her meeting with Roli, who in turn told Mausiji. Simar also called home and informed Mataji that Roli was alive, which brought tears of joy to everyone’s eyes, but left Khushi and Naina shocked. When Siddhant heard the news, his joy knew no bounds as his confidence that Roli was alive was proven right. (Watch as the family rejoices over the news)

But Khushi and Naina spoiled the family’s happiness by reminding them about their responsibility towards Naina’s child. When Mataji refused to go ahead with the wedding, Khushi asked Naina to act innocent and accompany the family to Kishanganj in search of Roli.

Veeru tried to convince Roli to shift houses as Simar had found out about their location, but when Roli refused, he hired some goons to attack the house and threaten Roli. This ploy worked and a scared Roli agreed to get married to Veeru. (Watch as Roli is manipulated by Veeru)

On the other hand, Naina apologized to the family and accompanied them to bring Roli back. Simar hid outside Roli’s house but couldn’t find anyone inside as Veeru and Roli had already left for the temple to get married. 

Veeru now knows that Simar is tracking Roli. Will the family reach on time and save Roli? Or will Veeru finally fulfil his obsession of marrying Roli?

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