Simar and Prem re-union on the cards?
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We’ve witnessed the perfect love story of Simar and Prem with its tumultuous ups and downs. And now after a trying period of separation looks like the two may reunite and be one. But will this be a knock of happiness in their paradise or is it the call of doom?

An unfortunate misunderstanding, caused because of Simar’s efforts to save Bharadwaj family, became the reason of Prem and Simar’s separation and both went their separate ways. Prem got married to Surbhi and Simar started her new life in Hong Kong. But a twist of fate brought the two lovers in front of each other and the past got reignited.  

Simar maintained her distance from Prem, since he came along with Surbhi, his now wife, but as they say ‘if two people are meant for each other they find their way back.’ Sparks flew, feelings resurfaced and after resolving all issues Sita Simar is ready to come back with her Ram Prem. But will their return be all hunky-dory?

Rumours suggest that their love story is going to witness another strenuous test as Surbhi has something important to reveal which will change the course of relationships. Simar might have to yet again give the agnipariksha of her love for Prem and remain in vanvaas from some more time.

Together or not, we know that our Ram-Sita Jodi of Prem and Simar will survive all odds and complete the journey their destined to.

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