Sidhu plays Cupid in Bigg Boss House!
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Bigg Boss Season 6 has some of the most interesting characters ever seen on the show

, but the ones that are generating the most curiousity are Rajeev Paul and Delnaaz Irani. Everyone has their eyes and ears open to know what will happen between this estranged couple.

In the first two days itself, there have been many interesting moments between Rajeev and Delnaaz, with Rajeev trying to initiate talking with Delnaaz, and Delnaaz giving him a cold shoulder. So all his efforts to talk to Delnaaz have failed. But don't worry Rajeev, you now have a helping hand in this 'Mission Reconciliation'. And it is none other that Sherry paaji, aka Navjot Singh Sidhu.

If you think he is an unlikely accomplice to have, you won't be too much off the mark. Sidhu, who is Rajeev's partner in Bigg Boss, didn't have any idea that Delnaaz was Rajeev's ex-wife till the show started. He was even surprised when Rajeev refused to nominate Delnaaz in the confession room. 

But once Sidhu came to know about their relationship status, Sidhu will go all out to get the former couple together.
In today's episode, you'll see Sidhu probing Rajeev about reconciling with Delnaaz. When Rajeev expresses his helplessness about Delnaaz not responding to him, Sidhu will be seen taking on the mantle of being Cupid and getting the former couple back together. Sidhu will be seen saying with complete conviction,”I'll get the two of you back together”. Now that's quite a promise to make!

Inside the Bigg Boss house, Rajeev has been seen stealing looks at his ex-wife and trying to talk to her. What's more, he was alse praying that he gets along with the 'special housemates'. Now who's that special housemate is anybody's guess!

On the other hand, Delnaaz is ignoring Rajeev for the most part, answering in single words whenever he talks to her. So our Sidhu paaji has quite a difficult task ahead of him. Let's see if Rajeev and Delnaaz's takes a turn for the better with this Cupid's help!

Want a sneak peek of this 'mission'? Click here!


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