Siddhi’s found the way to Kunal’s mind!: Weekly Update (26th-31st December)
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After the doctors demand a huge amount for Anand's (Diwan) treatment, Kunal goes out to seek monetary help from his friends. As he is about arrange for the money, he gets an emergency call from the hospital. 

As soon as he reaches the hospital, he is told that Anand is out of danger because of Abhay's generosity, who took care of all the medical expenses. This leaves Kunal heartbroken and insulted. Watch how Abhay insults him by calling him an irresponsible husband and father and boasts of being a well-wisher for Anand (Diwan) and Siddhi.

Anand calls for his father but as soon as Kunal takes a step to go, Abhay stop him arrogantly and rushes inside. He holds Anand's (Diwan) hand and shows his unconditional concern. (Watch the video now!)

Siddhi doubts Abahy's intentions and blames him for playing a dirty game. Abhay confesses that he had kept a copy of the hospital bills and cctv footage from the mall as a proof to show the court and prove how irresponsible Kunal as a father is. Watch Abhay and Siddhi's heated conversation.

Kunal feels hurt by what Abhay told him. He feels dejected and worthless learning that Siddhi had pleaded Abhay to take care of Anand's (Diwan) treatment as Kunal would never be able to arrange for the money. He leaves the hospital and wanders on the streets as usual. Take a look at the pain and agony Kunal goes through while remembering whatever happened in the hospital

Siddhi goes out looking for Kunal and following Abahy’s  father's advice, tries to distract his mind from the whole miasma created by Abhay's presence in their lives. Siddhi tells Kunal that she gave the custody of her son so that he could prove himself to be a good father. Listening to this Kunal gets inspired and promises self to become a big and successful man and also, that he would never touch even a drop of alcohol. Watch Siddhi and Kunal's intense conversation

Later during the day, Chopra family is seen rejoicing and celebrating as Anand (Diwan) returns home from the hospital. Veena cribs about Raj showing his concern for Siddhi, but everybody tells her that the concern was shown to a mother, whose son was critical and not to the Siddhi they all hate.

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