Siddhi betrays Kunal again! #Parichay Weekly Review 13th-20th November
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Parichay was full of heartbreak and revelations this week.

Kunal walked in on Siddhi-Abhay's wedding where Siddhi yelled at him that all her declarations of love were false and that she loved Abhay. Kunal slapped Siddhi and left. Abhay consoled Siddhi but called Richa to inform her about the good (?) news. She didn't believe him at first but rushed to Diwan house and asked Abhay to fill her maang in front of her. On the other hand, Anand and Seema were getting ready to welcome his mother with decorations. They were very excited and were cleaning the house when Richa walked in and announced that all these preparations were wasted as Siddhi had already married Abhay, leaving everyone shocked.


Richa poisoned the Chopra family's mind that Siddhi had cleared the misunderstandings with Kunal only so that she could marry Abhay. Seema claimed that she would get Siddhi and Kunal. But when she went to Diwan house, she screamed at Siddhi for breaking Anand's trust and cursed her that she would never be happy in the Diwan house. Siddhi came to know that Kunal was missing and begged Sulekha to let her search for him. Richa went home happily and announced that she was happy that Kunal was heartbroken, so that she could enter his life.


Abhay was angry with Sulekha for letting Siddhi go in search of Kunal. But she replied that she let her go because she didn't want the wedding to ruin the Chopra family. In the jungle, Siddhi found Kunal in a drunk state. He berated her for breaking his trust, but she still took him home. Anand saw Siddhi with Kunal and hugged her, thinking that she had come forever but Siddhi rudely told him that she was here only to drop off his father. Seema too, entered and said that Siddhi could not be anyone's mother and is someone else's wife now. Anand was inconsolable as Seema pushed Siddhi out of the house.


Seema asked Siddhi to leave after showing her all the decorations that Anand had put up for her. After she left, Anand spoke to the sleeping Kunal and promised that he would never leave his side, nor would he ever forgive Siddhi. When Siddhi came back to Diwan house, she was sad about all that Kunal had gone through but Sulekha was happy that she kept her promise. Richa too, was happy when she found out that Kunal had reached home. Abhay came to his bedroom where Siddhi was present and remarked that he had gotten everything that he could ever want. Siddhi tensed up as Abhay came near her and pushed him away when he tried to touch her, saying that even if she married him, he couldn't touch him as she loved Kunal.


Siddhi warned Abhay never to touch her again but Abhay looked at her with disgust and reminded her that he was with her only for Anand. Siddhi remembered how Abhay had threatened to kill Anand if she tried to take him away from her. She replied that he doesn't love Anand but was just obsessed with him. In the Chopra house, Anand woke up from a nightmare just as Kunal was removing all the decorations. Anand said that he Anand Diwan, too is his son and that now all of them are not together. He made Kunal realize that he was his son and even if Siddhi couldn't come back, he should have his son with him. 


Richa came to Kunal's house to check on him. Seema asked her to get out as Kunal would be angry on seeing her. But she persisted and went in where Kunal told her off saying that he didn't need her support or help to get over his broken heart and that he was happy that both women (Siddhi and Richa) were out of his life. Richa pleaded that she couldn't live without him but Kunal still asked her to get out. Kunal himself left the house to go to Diwan house to bring back Anand's twin. In Diwan house, Siddhi was asked to get ready for the 'mooh dikhai' ceremony. Her son was angry with Abhay as he broke his promise but Abhay convinced Anand that Siddhi forced him to get married or else she would've gotten married to some other rich guy, who would hate Anand. Anand was convinced and decided that he loved Abhay and hated Siddhi for being greedy.

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