Siddhi arrives home after nine years: Weekly Recap (12th -18th Dec)
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After the court’s verdict, we saw various reactions on the faces of Chopras, Thakrals and Diwans. While Kunal felt relieved, Abhay was completely shattered as he now had to stay away from his son Anand. Watch how Kunal gave a cold shoulder to Abhay

Later, Abhay threatened Siddhi that he would go to any extent to get Anand back. She looked rather confident and told him that she didn't fear anything anymore as her kids were with their father. Surprisingly, even Sulekha empathized with Siddhi's feelings and apologized to her. Watch Siddhi and Sulekha’s emotional moment here!

In the Chopra house everyone was excited to see both the Anands together but refused to accept Siddhi as a part of their family. When Anand tried to advocate on his mother's behalf, Kunal cut him to size, saying that he didn't need to learn what is wrong and what is right from his own son. Kunal, in hindsight, decided not to let Siddhi affect him anymore. Watch Kunal's moment of dilemma here!

On her way to the Chopra house, Siddhi bumped into Richa and instigated her that she would achieve in six months what Richa couldn't in nine years. After reaching home, Siddhi got the coldest reception from the Chopras including Kunal. Click to watch Kunal's warning to Sidhhi.

The kids were seen bonding with their mother, and on the other hand Kunal was seen getting drunk. He decided to seek revenge from Siddhi by showing neither love, nor hatred, but by his silence. (Watch Kunal's moving confession here!)

Next morning Kunal woke up with a hangover remembering what happened last night and got furious. Watch Kunal and Siddhi's adorable nok-jhok!

Later in the day, Kunal ran into Richa, and she started manipulating him. Kunal snapped at her saying that he knew who to maintain distance from. 

Will Kunal and Siddhi be able to work-out their differences? Will the kids bridge the nine year long gap to bring their parents closer? Watch this space to know more!


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