Siddharth has a very Beera birthday!
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It's 13th April, and time to wish one of our leading men a very Happy Birthday. Siddharth Arora, who plays Beera in Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuchh Kaha, celebrates his birthday today.

The birthday boy confesses that he generally doesn't make a big deal out of his birthdays, but that doesn't stop us from asking what his plans are for the big day. Siddharth says,' I'll be working for my birthday because we have a shoot. The cast has given me a surprise by getting a cake for me on sets. And if I get done with the shoot in time, I'll go out to celebrate with my friends.'

On this day, Siddharth also remembers his birthday celebrations back in his hometown when he was younger. He reminisces, 'My mother used to surprise me by calling all my friends home and having a party on my birthday. That used to be the best celebration for me. I also got a bike from my dad as a surprise when I was in XI standard, which made me very happy.'

And what did Siddharth wish for while blowing the candles on this birthday? He surprises us by not asking for a personal wish, but a professional one-'I wish that Na Bole Tum-2 has a long and successful run and that people continue to appreciate me as Beera in the show.'

So Siddharth has work on his mind even on his birthday. We hope that his wish comes true, and in Beera style, we wish him a 'Phuntashtic Birthday!'

To watch the on sets birthday celebrations for Siddharth, click here!

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