Siddharth Arora speaks about ‘Being Beera’
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The new entrant in Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuchh Kaha-2, Beera, is creating quite a flutter. Literally so in case of Navika, who he keeps bumping into. We bring you the man behind the helmet, Siddharth Arora:

Q: How did you land the role of Beera in Na Bole Tum-2?

A: Basically, I have done my MBA and was working for a bank when I got tired of the job and tried my hand at acting. That’s when I got Mukti Bandhan. Recently, I was in my hometown Benaras as my mother was unwell when I got a call from the casting director, calling me for an audition. As I couldn’t come back, I recorded an audition and sent it across. I guess they liked it, because when I came back to Mumbai, I was asked to give a look test, and I was on!

 Q: How would you describe the character of Beera?

A: This guy thinks that he’s very smart. Usse lagta hai ki uske saamne koi khada nahi ho sakta aur wo sabka baap hai. But in reality, this is not so and this leads to comical situations. Plus his grandfather is a politician, so he’s pretty carefree and bindaas.

 Q: How did you prepare for the role of the rustic character Beera?

A: Honestly, it’s a little difficult as my last role (in Mukti Bandhan) was of a suave character. But I have lived in Benaras and observed young boys who dress and behave like Beera. I also watched movies like Gangs of Wasseypur and Satya to get a hang of the dialect and body language. As far as the looks go, it was a creative call but co-incidentally I was growing my hair, which they liked and retained for the character.

 Q: What’s your experience of working with Anil Rastogi (Daddaji) and Jayashree (Navika)?

A: Anilji is a very senior actor, with over 35 years of experience. So I’m thankful for the opportunity to learn from him and hope that continues over the course of the show. Jayashree is a very bubbly and chirpy girl so doing scenes with her is fun. She also helps me a lot during scenes, which is always a good thing.

 Q: What are people’s reactions to your entry and role in Na Bole Tum-2?

A: Oh, very positive! Most of the responses have been very encouraging. Especially those of my ex-colleagues, who can’t believe that after a polished character, I’m able to pull off a character like Beera. Friends and family, too, have said good things about me, though you can’t take their reviews too seriously.

 Q: Apart from acting, what do you enjoy doing most?

A: Right now, my only focus is my work and this role. But when I’m not shooting, I love working out as I like to maintain a good physique. I’m completely open to going shirtless so I have to be prepared for it. Apart from that, all my free time is now spent with my new puppy, Poppins. He’s a cocker spaniel who I got recently as I live alone in Mumbai. So between work, working out and Poppins, my day is finished!


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