Siddharth and Navika are Tom and Jerry on sets!
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With Beera entering the Vyas house as a tenant, Navika and his love-hate relationship has come to the forefront in Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuchh Kaha. But it seems like reel life imitates real life in this case as the couple shares the same equation off screen as well! Siddharth and Jayashree are known to be the biggest pranksters on the sets and cannot get enough of pulling each other’s leg. As soon as the camera turns off, their equation quickly turns into a game of Tom and Jerry. They never miss a 

chance to tease each other and their playful fights, leave everyone on the sets amused.

Speaking about her equation with Siddharth, the bubbly Jayashree says, “The chase kicks off when Siddharth tries to make me laugh when I am in middle of a take, just when I am trying to concentrate on an emotional scene, which I rebuke him for later. We fight like crazy while on the sets but quickly patch up at the end of the day. We might come across as foes but at the end of it all, we are very good friends.”

Adding to this, Siddharth says, “It’s our crazy little fights that keep us going all day. We not only bully each other for petty little things but also end up taking each other’s advice on serious matters. To an outsider we might look like we bash each other up, but we do back each other up as well.”

Kunal (Mohan) has always been a silent spectator of Siddharth and Jayashree’s fights. He adds by saying, “Siddharth and Jayashree remind me of our days from season one when Aakanksha and I used to indulge in similar banter. They might come across as Tom and Jerry in disguise but share a great bond with each other. No amount of tiffs, arguments or lethal brawls can separate the duo.”

So it looks like this cat and mouse game between Jayashree and Siddharth is going to continue for a while. But will their on-screen characters Navika and Beera too, patch up at the end of the day as they do? Tell us what you think!


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