Siddhant Threatens To Shoot Himself. #SSK
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  • February 27, 2015
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In today’s episode the drama takes a new turn. Shruti and Siddhant will be seen having an emotional moment in the mandir. Suddenly, Roli interrupts as she can’t tolerate Siddhant and Shruti getting close to each other. Siddhant now knows who is the real Roli and aggressively shouts and gets violent. He gets physical with the behroopiya Roli for trying to destroy his family.

Siddhant snatches the gun from Amar and threatens to shoot himself saying this is the only way where Roli will leave his family alone. Everyone tries to stop Siddhant but Shruti runs towards Siddhant and says she will also die along with him as she cant leave without him and will be with him till the very end. Siddhant then asks Simar, Prem and Amar to go back home and burn the ‘Naags’ body. All of them are left with no choice but to do as Siddhant says.

Simar, Prem and Amar are shocked to see Roli with other family members at the door. They are waiting at the door and Sujata is holding a puja ki thali in her hands. Roli holds an evil smile on her face. Simar and Prem are horrifiend and stunned looking at this situation.

How did Roli get to the house before the rest? Is this behroopiya Roli’s new game plan?

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