Shsssh Kamya will hear it
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  • September 23, 2013
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Last time it was Pratyusha who indirectly taunted another popular actress and ex Bigg Boss contestant Sara Khan on the show by talking about her link ups, break ups and controversy. And this time it is Tanisha who spoke about Kamya and her family while talking to the other heaven mates. To give you a little background history for those who have logged in late to this season of bigg boss, there have been rumors that Kamya and her husband don’t live together.


So coming back to Tanisha. Tanisha casually asked Shilpa and the others present about Kamya and her little daughter and how she managed to leave her little daughter and come to Bigg Boss house. Obviously Shilpa didn’t want to invite any kind of animosity so she simply shrugged her shoulders but the smarty Andy had a reply which was not in a good taste. We will not say what the reply was you can watch it here. 


Do you think the housemates should be a little bit more discreet while discussing each other’s personal lives or is it fair game in the bigg boss house? Tell us in the comments section below. 

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