Shraddha Goes To Prison on ‘Thapki’
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Previously on the show, Thapki revealed to everyone that Shraddha was posing as her by wearing her mask to fulfil her motive. She said Shraddha was responsible for everything. Shraddha told her that the children were just a means to an end and she wanted revenge from her. Thapki called the cops and they took away Shraddha. Shraddha said that this was not over.

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Bihaan went to Bani’s room only to find out that she was missing. Amma Mai took Bani to the temple and lied to her that Thapki was the reason she was brought there to get married. Monty argued with Kesar that it needed to be done if they didn’t want to lose face. Monty got Shraddha out on bail and told her to wear the mask and finish her work.

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Bani stole Prince’s phone and ran away as she called Thapki and told her what was happening. Amma Mai and her goons caught up with Bani and threatened her. She asked Pandit Ji to do the marriage ceremony quickly. Monty said Thapki will do her Kanyadaan. Shraddha arrived wearing Thapki’s mask and told Bani that this was for her betterment.

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Now we will see Bihaan and Thapki trying to rescue Bani from Amma Mai and her goons in the coming episodes. Bihaan will face certain danger and Bani will be seen blaming Thapki for ruining her life because of Shraddha’s plotting.

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Stay tuned to find out what happens next!


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